10 Unusual Kitchen Utensils That Would Make You Say ‘What?!’

1. Smiley Toaster
Admit it. Wouldn’t it be nice to greet the day with a smile? This smiley toaster is the best way to welcome your day as it puts a smile on your (bread’s) face. Literally.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 1
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2. Egg Cuber
Because eating eggs in the same shape is boring. And square eggs are so much more fun.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 2
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3. Roll And Pour
We all know that pouring a large jug of juice could be quite taxing for our muscle-deficient arms. But thank goodness for this rocking-chair like apparatus, pouring your favorite OJ has never been this easier.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 3
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4. Snot Egg Separater
It’s a brilliant way to separate the whites from the yolks. Very creative too. However, it may also be successful in killing our appetite with close likeness of the whites oozing like snot out of the head’s nose.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 4
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5. Fork Fingers
Ah. Our inner Wolverine brought to life. With this in your finger, you may never have to use a fork again – you have become the fork itself.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 5
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6. Throw Knife Block
Because it’s more fun to throw your knives around like a magician. And very dangerous too.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 6
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7. Pizza Scissors
This cross between a spatula and scissors is actually the most logical for me. Because using an ergonomically competent pizza cutter to slice a piece and then using an equally capable spatula to transfer the piece is just too much task, we present to you, the (slightly awkward to use) pizza scissor.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 7
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8. Spaghetti Twirling Fork
With this fork, you’d never have to move another (lazy) muscle anymore to eat spaghetti.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 8
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9. Pac Man Oven Mittens
This may have just solved the mystery of what Pac-Man has been eating on his way. It must have been cookies!

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 9
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10. Hillary Clinton Nutcracker
I’m not sure what the people who invented this were thinking and why on earth they chose the former First Lady to be this nutcracker’s design. I do know it always makes me laugh every time I hear ol’ Hillary cracking nuts.

Unusual Kitchen Utensils 10
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