14 Outrageous LifeHacks… #3 Is Dangerous But #10 Is Hilarious!


14 Hilarious LifeHacks

1.) Why did they put the socket so high?


2.) May be the laser pointer ran out of batteries


3.) Wolverine’s Claw


4.) Included with fog lights.10401493_733257246713754_2411855675551338005_n

5.) Portable Train Handle 10401873_733257280047084_2774154369886308595_n
6.) This is so evil genius.10414883_733257250047087_3123774150923717181_n

7.) If you are cooking noodles and you ran out of gas, here is a smart solution.10423960_733257216713757_2080158940854884732_n

8.) Very Clever10441129_733257346713744_4993768682051400938_n

9.) And this car is a Mercedes. 10447722_733257243380421_5646162796819309696_n

10.) The revolutionize electric stove.10448244_733257323380413_5900699455234814344_n

11.) Because time is gold.10454293_733257253380420_3003444191380465160_n

12. This is how to sneak liquor drinks.10463965_733257330047079_921149085032985979_n

13.) What happens if you press ” up up down down left right left right select start”?10473361_733257356713743_970597598425812247_n

14.) Coolest ride


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