3-D Artist Creates ‘Smaug’ From The Hobbit Out Of Gingerbread

With the last installment of The Hobbit trilogy finally released last Christmas, many fans of Tolkien’s world of elves, hobbits, dwarves and wizards are sad to see it end. But one Swedish artist has a parting gift for the Tolkien’s loyalists – a gingerbread “Smaug The Dragon!’

smaug 1image capture via youtube

The 27-year old baker and artist, Caroline Eriksson put in two weeks’ worth of time and effort into the gingerbread “Smaug.” Eriksson has always had a fondness for gingerbreads. Growing up, her family had a tradition of building these gingerbreads during Christmas. It was a tradition that stuck to her until she grew up.

But as time passed by, the Swedish sculptor got tired of doing the houses and shifted her interest in creating more complex ones. She began sculpting buildings and towers out of gingerbread.

Last year was a memorable time for Caroline. A dairy company based in Norway held a gingerbread competition which she joined. For the contest, she built a model of Optimus Prime from The Transformers and won the first prize.

smaug 2image capture via youtube

This year as she was not part of the annual contest, Caroline decided to create a 50-cm tall, 70-cm long replica of Smaug just for fun. She spent many late nights to get the tiniest detail correct. Caroline noted that she used more syrup and flour than usual this time which is probably the secret why the gingerbread dragon is still standing up after a long time.

With the success of the gingerbread dragon, many are already anticipating what design she will come up next year. However, Caroline has not thought that far ahead as she is still enjoying the favorable result of her work this year. When asked if she had any plans of eating her work, Caroline replied candidly that she would probably just wait until ‘Smaug’ falls down, as it’s quite cruel to eat the fruit of her late-night labors.

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