4 Common Myths about Young Entrepreneurs

Young businessmen have been judged of their competency and success rate because of their age. But as what several accomplished men in the business industry say: Age does not matter. Here are the common misconceptions that most people have on businessmen who start young.

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  1. They are doomed to fail.
    Despite their inexperience, it does not necessarily mean that they will never achieve success. Sometimes, their hunger for learning even leads them to hit it big.
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  2. They don’t know what to do with their trust funds.
    Not all businesses start big and not all young entrepreneurs have wealthy parents who financially support their ventures.
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  3. They graduated from Ivy League Schools.
    Some may be surprised to know that many successful entrepreneurs who started young are not even college graduates.
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  4. All they want is money.
    As much as making money is good, believe it or not but most young businessmen are doing it for passion.
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