4-Year Old Girl’s Call to 911 Saved Pregnant Mother Having Seizures

When most 4-year olds give you a blank look when asked difficult questions or throw tantrums when they are in distress, Calise Manning is the opposite.

In fact, the 4-year old girl from Kalamazoo in Michigan is being hailed a hero.

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What she did?

She stayed calm and dialed 911 when her pregnant epileptic mother started having seizures.

Calise told a 911 dispatcher, “She’s shaking and she’s having a baby.” The girl added, “My mom is really pregnant and she’s having a boy and she really needs help.”

It’s a good thing that she had practiced with Calise what to do in case of an emergency for the past two years as that is probably what saved her and her baby boy’s lives that day.

“I explained to Calise, ‘Mommy has seizures.’ Just in case I ever had one, she wouldn’t freak out,” she said.

Centerria had already fallen to the ground while having an epileptic attack. Her bright 4-year old girl went into action and immediately went to the phone to call 911.

“I woke up and my daughter Calise was standing over me and she was on the phone with 911,” the mother of two recalled.

Calise stayed on the phone for more than seven minutes and explained the situation to the dispatcher calmly. She also provided the operator with their complete home address.

At one point, the dispatcher asked the girl, “How old are you honey?” and she responded, “Four.” And what seemed like an afterthought, added, “Yes, and I’m almost getting bigger.”

An ambulance arrived at their house to take her mother to the hospital. Two days after, her baby brother, TJ, was born.

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When reporters met Calise for interview two days after, the preschooler was donning an “I’m the Big Sister” shirt and gushed about her experience. “It was really good to ride in the ambulance with mom,” she told them.

Calise has already been recommended to receive an award for the calm demeanor she exhibited during the whole situation.

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