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5 Habits That Keep Poor People Stuck in Poverty and Ways to Rectify Them

Millions of people have been witnesses to poverty being passed on from one generation to the next. Most even had front row seats on a reality show which divulged the kind of behaviours that barred the underprivileged from experiencing any lasting success or wealth in their life. Because of these, a lot of people have come to the conclusion that this vicious cycle of poverty is the only way of life. But of course, that is not always the case. Getting basic education is a ticket to getting out of the poverty line, however hard it is to achieve. But over the musings of countless people who have managed to win over poverty, here are what they call the 5 nasty habits that keep the poor, well, poor.

1. Incessant use of foul language.

If you observe hard enough, most people living in poverty won’t finish a sentence without mentioning a single cuss word in it. People who are so used to speaking in that manner unconsciously take that behaviour to work, which robs them of proper work etiquette. Take someone who would always badmouth a superior in front of his or her colleagues. If the boss said something that they’re not in agreement with, they resort to using words like “scumbag”, “bird-brained” , “ass-kisser” and a whole lot of other expletives. Do you think that persons who act like that will stay employed for long? Nobody likes to hire someone who speaks ill of others and practice no respect to people.

2. The poor always keep the culture of blaming.

For some unknown reasons, the underprivileged always feel that they are entitled. And without any significant contribution to the society or community they belong to, they feel that the government exists for the sole purpose of providing everything they need—food, housing, healthcare and such. And if the government does not deliver, they will start throwing in a barrage of complaints.
At work, these people are quick to point fingers when something does not go as planned. Ask them why they’re not making any money and sure enough they’ll come up with a host of excuses like lack of opportunities, lack of education, short in capital, and/or support.
If you think that the world revolves around you, and everyone is at fault except for you, then it’s high time for you to reassess your life. Own up to your decisions as you will never have any semblance of success until you take the responsibility for such.

3. Harbouring the Debt Mindset

If you’ll enter a poor man’s home, you’d never think that they’re struggling financially. Plasma TV? Check. Latest gadgets? Check. Surround sound system? Check.
Any disposable income is spent on material things they want to indulge on. If the words “savings’ and “investments” are not part of one’s dictionary, then expect these persons to stay financially challenged for a long, long, time. The recourse? Settle all debts, control your spending, and start investing on worthwhile assets. Unfortunately for many, these things are easier said than done.

4. Reliance on Potential

People may not easily believe it, but a lot of those living in poverty have so much talents and skills to share to the entire world–skills that they can capitalize on and monetize. Unfortunately, most are unwilling to do the hard work in order for it to happen. Remember that if talent is not met with hard work, all of it will just go to waste.

5. Preoccupation with Drugs, Alcohol and Sex.

It seems that the underprivileged are the most prone to these things. Discussing things like how their sexual exploits panned out, how many times they successfully cheated on their spouses, or how many bottles of alcohol they can tolerate will lead anyone nowhere. Yes, you can expect these kinds of discussions among college kids and young professionals, but for someone pushing 40 and still discussing these things, then there won’t be room for any kind of self- improvement. If you want to win against poverty, you must fill yourself with your life’s purpose—leave the old and make room for the new.

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