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5 Reasons Why Going Solo On Valentine’s Day Is Awesome

Valentine’s Day is often a holiday most singles would want to forget. Everything seemed to magically turn pink and red, love songs playing on every station and most people seem to suddenly be coupled up.

But before you curse the day and wish it would simply pass you by, you should know that being single on Valentine’s Day is actually a good thing. Here are five reasons why flying solo on the much-awaited hearts’ day actually rocks.

1. You don’t need to buy someone a gift.
Going solo on Valentine’s Day means you’re spared from buying overpriced flowers, chocolates or other gifts for your partner. And it also means that you could finally splurge that money, you otherwise would have bought those flowers with, for yourself.

2. You can do whatever you want to do.


There’s no one for you to bother planning a date / surprise with. No need to reserve two months in advance for that fine dining restaurant. Or check the movie schedules for a cheesy romantic movie (you can watch Friends re-runs at home, and that’s fine). Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you freedom to spend the day / night whichever way you want to.

3. You can have your friends as Valentine’s.
You could have as many Valentine’s date as you want with your friends and it wouldn’t matter because you’re not a couple. And it’s all platonic fun to spend the day together and catch up on things you might have missed because you were too busy worrying about finding a date for the holiday.

4. No potential lovers’ quarrel.
If you’re solo, then this won’t happen. Sometimes plans do not go as planned and the risk of getting into an argument over something as trivial as forgotten reservation could ruin Valentine’s Day. But not when you have no one to fight with.

5. You could meet someone.

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You are not the only person flying solo on Valentine’s Day and what holiday to know better who’s uncoupled than this? Just be confident with your single status and mingle, you never know who you’d meet this time.

6. The day after.
February 15, baby. All the chocolates and stuffed animals left unsold before the holiday goes on sale. And who better to buy them than the one who didn’t get them as gifts?

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