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5 Rules for Following Up on a Job Interview

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of going through a job interview is the waiting game. During this time, you may jump every time your phone rings, but you need to keep your cool. Make sure you follow these post-interview tips;

1. Give your interviewer a thank-you note within two days.

Thank those that interviewed you on the same day or on the day after you got interviewed. Thank you notes sent through email are probably your best bet.

2. Do follow up within two weeks.

After you’ve sent your thank you notes, do your follow ups anywhere from a week after your interview date to not later than two weeks. Make sure that you do not shower them with persistent emails coming from your end. If you have not heard from them after the thank you note that you’ve sent and the first follow-up, then give them yet another week to respond to your queries. If you’re still unable to hear anything back from them, then it’s probably time to consider moving on to other prospects.

3. Choose the right person.

Do not attempt to do a follow up with just about anyone you meet. Pick a person who’s in charge or will be capable of answering you. Before your interview ends, you can ask your interviewer on what the next steps are and the name of the person who you could direct your follow-ups to. Most likely, you’ll be directed to either the hiring manager or an HR personnel.

4. Use the same medium.

If your interviewer expressed a preference towards a certain medium like through email or phone, when reaching out to them, then try to stick to those mediums. If they reached out to you via email, respond through an email too. Same goes if you were reached out to by phone.

5. Be careful whit the language and tone you use.

When you do you follow-ups, be careful of your language and be wary of your tone. You do not want to come across as too impatient for answers which might put pressure to the one you’re communicating with. Hiring personnel need an ample amount of time before they select candidates for a job; they might still be in the process of screening other applicants, so just be patient. So keep looking for other opportunities while you’re still waiting; that way you’re not putting all your hopes in that one position you interviewed for.

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