5 Unique Coffee Brews Around The World

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People drink coffee for a lot of reasons but a majority of them enjoy it for its perk of keeping one alert, awake and energetic. While this may be a universal purpose for this strong brew, not everyone takes their coffee in the same way. Some prefer black, others with milk. A few also like it hot and others way cold. For the more adventurous, check out these unusual coffee concoctions that may soon make it to you all-time favorite list.

1. Coffee With Pepper And Other Spices From Morocco

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People of Morocco are known for their exotic taste in things and coffee is no different. While others put cinnamon in their coffee for that extra kick, the Moroccans amped it up just a notch higher. Peppercorns are added to their coffee to get that extra zest. Not only that, they also add nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom pods and cloves for an extra zing to their daily cup of caffeine.

2. Coffee With Salt From Ethiopia or Eritrea

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Ethiopians and Eritreans take their coffee seriously. In fact, they even have a coffee ceremony where they showcase fresh and great tasting coffee. But perhaps one thing that separates them is that they take their drink with salt instead of sugar! This curbs the bitter taste that comes from the coffee so people are able to enjoy the cup more.

3. Scandinavian Egg Coffee

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This coffee gets its uniqueness in the way it is brewed. The method has been popularized in Norway and Sweden although many other Scandinavian countries practice it as well. Before brewing the coffee grounds, one adds raw egg whites (or in some cases, a whole raw egg) to it and then placing it under water. It is said that the egg’s consistency clarifies the coffee for a better taste.

4. Guarapo con Quezo

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Coffee is often paired with bread and cheese on the side for that perfect cup. But the Spanish has a unique way of having their cheese with coffee. They literally add cheese cubes on their dark brew! They call it the Guarapo con Quezo and use Gouda or Edam cheese cubes.

5. Kopi Joss

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So you want hot coffee? Then this cup is right for you. The concoction made in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is made the traditional with combining loose coffee, sugar and hot water in a cup. After that, a flaming fresh-off-the-fire hot charcoal is added. Locals say the charcoal lessens the drink’s acidity.

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