5 Unique Coffee Concoctions Every Java Junkie Must Try

If you’re the type who does not like plain ol’ boring coffee anymore, then this list is just right for you.

We’ve done the rounds and listed 5 other unique, and probably weird too, coffee concoctions for the java junkie in you.

1. Dark Barrel Latte

This latte is the newest concoction Seattle-based Starbucks has to offer. This new latte flavor is reminiscent of the beer, Guinness, minus the alcohol. The drink is yet to be available in all of Starbucks’ branches as the coffee chain is still on the testing phase for this extraordinary drink.

 Dark Barrel Latte
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2. Vincent Vega

This drink is named after Vincent Vega, the name of John Travolta’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction who partnered his steak with a glass of Vanilla Coke. It’s a combination of a shot of espresso, Coca-Cola and vanilla syrup. Best served on ice, this drink is available at The Mission in San Francisco.

3. Elephant Poo Coffee

Okay, okay. So it’s not exactly the elephant’s poop that we’d be drinking. The Black Ivory Coffee from Thailand are Arabica beans that were eaten by elephants and pass through its digestive system. The beans are then harvested from the animal’s poop. It is said that the process helps the beans achieve a natural sweetness while lessening the bitter taste for a unique flavor. The same process is used for Kopi Luwak also known as the civet coffee.

Hotels in Asia offer this coffee and one could also buy beans online.

4. Affogato

Can’t decide whether to get coffee or ice cream after dinner? Then no need to choose. We’re giving you the two options in one simple cup. The affogato is an Italian drink made from ice cream or gelato topped with a shot of espresso for that simple and blissful caffeine fix.

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5.  Koffie Vant Brunt

This luxurious coffee drink found at Fort Defiance in Brooklyn is not your typical Irish Coffee that’s boozed up. St.John Frizell, owner of the joint , pours a fresh prepared espresso on a cup, mixed with Bacardi 8 rum and then topped with chilled ice cream and Cherry Herring and toffee. Orange zest are sprinkled on top that adds a bit of zangy taste to the already decadent pick-me-upper.

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