6 Ways To Jump Start Your Career Out Of Its Lifeless State

Whether you’re new in a job, stuck in one or back on the job hunt, it’s never too late to jumpstart your career in the direction you want it to be. Here are 6 ways for you to start the ball rolling in your work life this year.

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1. Never stop learning.

Whether you’re a new graduate about to start on his dream job, settling in a rut or actively looking for employment, building your knowledge base is a very important factor if you want to succeed. The added learning is always a good advantage, as you never know when it would come handy. Read books/articles that is related to your industry or enroll in something new. The added exercise would keep your brain active and healthy.

2. Have a wide and deep active network.

Having an extensive network is another advantage in any career. Employment, businesses, ideas and collaborations are just among the few benefits of having a professional network. Be mindful of the relationships you have and build over time. Update your profile in LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. as it also increases your online presence, which is tracked by some companies when they are looking to hire someone.

3. Find a mentor.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a mentor. The wisdom and experience a mentor could impart to you is a very beneficial thing for your career. Mentors don’t just exist to help solve your problems but they are there to challenge how you think and perceive things that otherwise would have gone unnoticed without their expertise. Look for someone who you can trust and aspire to become, it would boost the way you view your job and even help open up career possibilities you never though existed.

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4. Express gratitude.

Always say ‘thank you’ and mean it. The expression of gratitude would go a long way, not just in your career but in other aspects of your life too.

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5. Be honest.

It’s always important to be honest even in the small things. Whether it’s the reason you were late in turning in your project or being late for work, honesty goes a long way. Your integrity says a lot about you and it helps people know that they can trust you because you are a man of your word.

6. List down your goals.

Whatever objectives you have set for yourself, the first step in achieving it is to write it down. Seeing your goals on print gives it definition and clarity because you see it right in front of you and helps you keep yourself on track.

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