70-Year Old Grandmother Saves Man Trapped Inside Burning Van

She may be 70 years old and with arthritis but on that day, her age and physical condition were the least bit of Rosemary Correa’s problems.

Her eyes were trained to a burning van outside the store she was working at and she was determined to get the person trapped inside out.

Rosemary had been with SuperTarget for 12 years and in all that time, she never had a day like what she experienced on January 16.

While standing at the store’s customer service desk, a man entered the store and said there was a car in the parking lot, which caught fire. The grandmother of five peeked out and saw that “black smoke was billowing out the windows.”

Rosemary saw people standing outside, staring at the fire. They didn’t notice a person was inside the burning van until someone shouted that a man was stuck and could not get out.

She immediately stepped out of the store and sprung into action.

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The 70-year old opened the door and grabbed the man, who was disabled and had difficulties moving on his own. She snatched him, burning jacket and all, and pulled him out of the vehicle that was engulfed in flames.

The man was pulled into safety and rushed to a nearby hospital were his burns were treated. Doctors said he would survive the accident and would just need time to recover from the burns he sustained.

Had it not been for Rosemary’s quick thinking and heroic act, he might not have made it out alive.

Fortunately, the arthritic woman who rescued the man with sheer brute of strength, was unharmed and got nothing from the incident.

Her husband was amazed with what Rosemary did. “To get that adrenaline built up enough for her to run to the car and yank him out is super strange,” he said.

But for the store clerk, it was nothing. “I was really more afraid for his safety – all I knew was I had to get him out of there,” she said.

“We are supposed to be taking care of other people,” Rosemary said. “That’s the mandate from Jesus. Take care of others.”

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