8-Year Old Police Officer Given Tribute After Losing Fight Against Cancer

When he passed away, Josey Giovanni Fabus was given a full police officer’s funeral. Dozens of policemen and workers from nearby communities attended his funeral to bid him their last goodbyes. He was 8-years old.

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The boy passed away after battling a rare form of brain cancer for seven months.

When he was still alive, Joey dreamed of becoming a policeman. His dream came true when officers from the Bethel Park Police Department heard of his story and made him one of their own, as an honorary member.

The 8-year old was presented with a badge along with his own uniform. He was also sworn in as a member of the police force by none other than District Judge Ron Arnoni.

Joey also went on patrol. One day, he found a volunteer violating traffic rules and the young policeman issued the lady, Bethel Park Police Community Resource Officer Tom Rigatti’s daughter, a ticket for that.

On Wednesday, Joey’s fight with cancer ended. His family and the police officers who have come to know him mourned his loss.

He was honored with a police funeral were fellow officers and firefighters attended. They also escorted the funeral procession as it headed from Bethel Park to Mt. Lebanon, where the St. Bernard Parish was located.

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The law enforcers stood in attention while his coffin was lead inside the church as bagpipes from the honor guards sounded off a forlorn music of mourning.

Rev. David J. Bonnar, who led the memorial service for Joey, said, “He not only dreamed, but he lived the dream.” The reverend added, “And he lived it strong – Joey strong.”

Officer Rigatti was grateful for the officers who supported Joey and his family. “Joey was a great kid, and this was a tough, emotional journey for his family,” he noted.

David Fabus, Joey’s father, expressed his appreciation for the people who stayed with them the whole time since his son got sick.

In a public post in Facebook, David said his thanks to the people who supported his family, adding that, “We were able to deal with this nightmare because we had the love and support of so many wonderful people.”

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