9-year-old boy last wish before he goes blind. This is heartbreaking!

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A boy from Texas named Ben Pierce, 9 years old, is in a hurry to see the entire world as much as he can before he can’t see anything at all.

Ben was born with a condition that slowly impairing his vision. Realizing that there’s no cure for his condition, he and his family created an amazing “bucket list” of adventure, trying to pack his mind full of visual memories to last a lifetime. At 9 years old, Ben is already a seasoned traveler. He’s been to Alaska to see the Northern Lights and is planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.

Ben recently checked off one major goal: Watching the Northern Lights. This was made possible thanks to the kind-hearted Alaska airlines pilot.

“They were amazing, like watercolors painting the sky. It was really pretty,” Ben said in an interview for TODAY.

For his mom, the experience was bittersweet.

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“I love watching his face and seeing his reaction,” said Heid. “But it’s also a little bit heartbreaking to see it, knowing why we’re there. I wish so much that we didn’t feel this urgency to go on these trips now.”

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