90-Year Old Kenyan Woman Is Oldest Pupil In The World All Because She Wants To Read The Bible

It’s not everyday that you go to school and see your great-great-grandchildren share the same classroom as you.

But for Priscilla Sitienei, that has been a daily experience for her.

Priscilla and six of her great-great-grandchildren all attend the Leaders Vision Preparatory School. She joined the class five years ago.

Everyday, the 90-year old Kenyan sits in a chair in front of her classroom wearing her school uniform as she listens carefully to what her teacher is saying. That day, they were talking about the English names of animals. Priscilla carefully copied what she hears into her notebook.

Before she became a student, she worked as a midwife at her village of Ndalat in the Rift Valley. She served for 65 years and has attended to most of the babies born in their village.

Some of them are sitting in the same classroom with her, children aged between 10 to 14 years old.

Priscilla Sitienei 2image source

She is called “Gogo” by everyone, an affectionate term for “grandmother” in local Kalenjin. Growing up, Priscilla served British colonial masters and stayed in their property. She never had the chance to go to school until five years ago.

For Priscilla, her desire to go to school and learn how to read and write stemmed from a simple reason.

“I’d like to be able to read the Bible,” she revealed. “I also want to inspire the children to get an education.”

She calls the attention of those she meets that are not in school to ask them why they are contented with the way things are.

“To many older children are not in school. They even have children themselves,” Priscilla observed.

“They tell me they are too old,” she said “I tell them, ‘Well I am at school and so should you.’”

Initially, the school headmaster David Kinyanju refused her. However, after seeing her dedication and commitment to learning, he relented. He believes that Priscilla is a great example not just in her class, but in the whole village too.

“Gogo has been a blessing to this school, she has been a motivator to all the pupils,” said David.

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