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A Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Corporate and Career Wellness

Thriving at work is not just about being mentally healthy but also being physically fit as well. After all, what’s not to love about having that extra burst of energy that enables you to stay a bit longer at the office, doing last minute work? Imagine that your employees being so wonderfully healthy that the number of sick days being applied or availed by them has significantly dropped for the year. Imagine a scenario that involves your first hour at work spent not stifling your yawns. Yes, that takes a lot of imagination, but fret no more because that world can now exist. This short article will aim to provide you with the ultimate guide to being healthy so that you can keep being productive at work which can take your career to high gears.
Being entirely driven to work can sometimes have a detrimental effect on one’s health. Especially for women, it is very common for those who are so focused with their careers to have a very unhealthy relationship with food, thereby resulting to various health problems and complications. So to jumpstart your journey to a healthier and more productive version of you, here are a few tips that you should consider:

1. Looking pretty is not the same as being healthy.

Appearing to be beautiful is not synonymous to being healthy—there’s a big difference. Despite having a nice body figure, there are signs that women can look for in order to check the deficiencies in their diets. There are tons of products out in the market right now that claims that they are “healthy, even if they’re not and are totally devoid of nutrients. So you really need to be vigilant and should start learning to listen to your bodies and not with just the marketing ploys of various products. Remember that the human body is great in telling you that you’re lacking nutrients by providing you with not so subtle signs. These could manifest in you having brittle nails, feeling lacklustre, your hair losing its natural shine, you having menstrual irregularities, decrease in your levels of concentration, feeling a lot stressed and more.

2. Staying off the sweets table at your office.

Too much sugar in the body leads to health problems, so better stay off it. Yes, today is the birthday of one of your co-workers and there’s cake at the office. You don’t want to be a total blow off by excluding yourself in the celebration, so please go ahead, have a piece of cake but don’t over indulge. Same goes for any other kind of sweet treats that you may encounter after. Bear in mind that a healthy and balanced meal is all you need to survive each day of your life.

3. Quality sleep is just as important as exercise and food.

Good sleep quality is not optional—it is a requirement of your body in order to function at its optimal capacity. Good sleep at night will promote better mornings as you won’t wake up feeling tired, and you’ll less likely to crave for sugar to give you an extra energy boost throughout the day.

4. “Carbs” and “fats” are not just ordinary four-letter words.

Not all fats and carbs are bad; in fact these two are often the most misunderstood terms in the world. There fats which can be good for you, and as general rule, please stick only to those that are great for your body such as olives, avocadoes, seeds, nuts, oily fish and more. When it comes to good carbs, go for those that are dark and fibrous like rye, quinoa, seed breads, brown rice and brown pasta. Stay clear of white and refined carbs as those will most likely lead you to a host of health problems including insomnia, and presence of belly fats.

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