Animals Provide Hope and Well-being to Patients “The DOGtor”

This is a story about a dog that does wonderful things to patients especially those children who needs to be cured and treated. This dog doesn’t give them medicines or do surgeries but cures them in a delightful way.

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Ralf is a Giant Schnauzer that officially and wonderfully works at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He’s not a nurse or a doctor but Ralf does some rounds and visits too. Every Monday, Ralf walks into corridors and rooms to enchant children’s hearts with joy by letting them pat, hug and play with him. He even accompanies some children during their chemotherapy sessions that generate very good effects like making them feel more calm and removing loneliness.

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Zeke Harrison is 15-month-old boy who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Ralf never failed to put a smile on Zeke’s face every time the child  sees the dog. Jazmin Hall, Zeke’s mom, said “He went straight for Ralf, he loves dogs.

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Another Ralf’s patient is Claire Couwenberg, a two year old girl with a cancerous kidney, was incredibly able to walk for the first time after her surgery. “As soon as she saw him, she stood up, and she very slowly, very wobbly, got on her feet started to walk, and now you can’t stop her. I’m lost for words. In a way, I can’t believe it.” her mom said.

It’s really amazing to know that there is a kind of therapy that is really fun doing. Another wonderful thing is that cats, birds and other animals are now used for this kind of activities. What makes Ralf and other animals amazing is that they make children forget their affliction. We hope this kind of joyful therapy will be available to every hospital that needs it most.

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