Autistic Man’s Weather Report On CBC A Dream Come True

Frankie MacDonald is perhaps the most famous weatherman in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The 30-year old has his own YouTube Channel, which he designed on his own by the way, where he reports different weather news so people who follow him could be updated and prepared for what’s ahead.

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Armed with a parka and his iPod Touch for a camera, Frankie stepped out of his home in Whitney Pier in Sydney, Nova Scotia to report on the weather. It was just a few hours that the sun has come out after a blizzard hit the city.

But in spite of what lies ahead – cold and knee-deep snow, Frankie goes out, determined to capture the most that he can so he could give his audience the most accurate weather news and feedback as possible.

It’s with this passion that has given Frankie some sort of celebrity status in the area.

His energy and enthusiasm overshadows his autism and you’d think that with the way he’d been reporting that he’s had years of practice and training.

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But the amateur weatherman has only begun his channel in 2011. The Canadian has discovered his love for the weather at such a young age and desired to become one when he grows up.

Not only does Frankie report on the weather, he peppers it with some wise advice as well.

I want everyone to be prepared,” he said.

“Make sure that you have your winter boots, jackets, hats and gloves ready. Order your pizzas and your Chinese food. Buy cases of Pepsi and buy cases of Coke. And do your grocery shopping. Don’t wait until the last minute,” are just some of the things you’d here the 30-year old say.

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He looks up at weather reports and records him giving out the weather on his own way. Since he started, his videos have been getting a lot of hits. His recent report about the blizzard has already garnered 400,000 views.

Some people have been rallying for news shows to give him a job. He has since become a viral sensation after BuzzFeed featured his videos and captioned it with, “Please give this man a TV weatherman job.”

Frankie’s dream came true. Recently, CBC featured the passionate weatherman on their weather segment.

He has since become an international sensation.

Check out a video of Frankie delivering the weather news below:

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