Be Inspired With Her 172-Pounds Weight Loss Journey

Brooke Birmingham was not always thin.

It took many monumental moments in her life before she realized she wanted to be in shape.

Her boyfriend just broke up with her and as she entered a store where most of the items on display are “skinny jeans that didn’t fit,” she knew she had to do something.

While Brooke always toyed with the idea of losing weight, she never really got to it. The idea of sweating it out was just too taxing for her to even think. But at 327 pounds, she knew she was on the verge of something life-threatening.

She tried to do yo-yo diets to no avail. Finally, after almost giving up, Brooke placed her foot down and decided she would lose the unhealthy fats and excessive weight she’s carrying.

While her usual plan of attack then was to set her sights on big goals, she began to look at her new “project” in a different way. After joining Weight Watchers, she learned how to take things one step at a time and set realistic goals. She also learned what healthy lifestyle is all about.

“I set small goals for myself starting with my first five pound, then to get under 300 pounds, and so forth,” said the 29-year old.

Brooke revealed that not all her goals at that time included numbers, some are tasks. “I also set goals that weren’t scale-related, like trying new recipes and new exercises.” With these in mind, she began to cut off on her fast food and frozen meals intake until she eventually eliminated it off her diet completely.

While it started with just her food intake, Brooke also saw the importance of exercise. She began by walking around her neighborhood. Eventually, she graduated to workout CDs like Jillian Michaels.

As much as the whole weight loss is an internal thing, it also helps to be surrounded by people who support you in your endeavor. She also loves to share her story to others, so they would be inspire by her the way she was inspired too.

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After six years, Brooke finally lost 172 lbs and felt lighter not just physically but also emotionally.

She shared her story to a fitness site so people could learn more about her journey.

For Brooke, her journey is as important as letting others know it’s possible to do it.

“I’m happy that I’ve given hope to others who may have a lot of weight to lose – hope that they too can live a better quality of life,” she said.

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