Best Hashtags for Your Favorite FRIENDS Episodes. LOLed At #urinetrouble


Since Twitter took over the world, TV shows nowadays have been popping up hashtag suggestions so you know what exactly to tweet after watching. However, during the time when Friends, one of the most watched and top favorite sitcom in TV history, was airing, Twitter was never born yet. So here are 5 of the memorable episodes of Friends and what could possibly be the best hashtag for each.

The one where Rachel and Ross finally became a couple. #lobsterlove


The one where Rachel and Monica teamed up against Joey and Chandler in a game betting for Monica’s apartment. #misschanandlerbong


The one where Ross married Emily but said Rachel’s name during their vows. #dontsayrachel


The one where Ross moved to an apartment right across Monica’s. #piVOT


The one where Monica had jellyfish trouble during an out of town trip. #urinetrouble


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