This Chinese farmer created Buddha-shaped pear. See How he did it.

Box shaped and heart shaped watermelon has been all the rage in Japan. Now, a chinese farmer has created Buddha shaped pears! Chinese farme De He from Nanchang Jiangxi province started making this toy like fruits. The farmer is hoping on the “miracle fruit” train. According to an ancient Chinese fairy tale there is a magic fruit that is shaped like infants. This fruit is said to contain magical powers and who ever eats the fruit can attain immortality. De He used this fairy tale to create his first baby shaped pear and started creating Buddha shaped pears for people who find it weird eating babies.

buddha shaped pearimage source

He created this Buddha shaped pears by forcing growing pears into moulds. He bought plastic moulds that allows the pear to adapt the shape into moulds creating these Buddha and baby shaped moulds. The Chinese farmer started with practicing moulding ginseng but was unsuccessful.  These Buddha pears are being sold in local markets ten times the original price of a regular pear! This pears maybe different and cute but most locals believe it is weird and too expensive. De He guarantees the pears taste, it is  said to be sweet and delicious. He also says that parents love the idea of his Buddha shaped pears. Obesity is on the rise in China and having kids enjoy healthy and natural snack is a much better option than eating junk food.

De He plans to expand his Buddha and baby shaped pear business. He is planning to create supersized Buddha and baby shaped fruits! De He is planning to create big sized baby pumpkins and Buddha shaped watermelon. Do you think his upcoming business would be a hit or would be find it weird? Buddha shaped watermelon everyone?

This fruit would be perfect for parents who have kids that are picky eaters. These pears can be mistaken for toys but it also makes a great decorative treat. These pears comes in different moulds from baby, woman, circular and boxed shape.  So, what do you think about this weirdly shaped pears?

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