Chinese Tycoon Tore Old Village Down, What He Replaced It With Will Amaze You

Not every man is created equal. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are generous, some self-absorbed. Some are rich and self-absorbed while some are poor yet remain generous.

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While it’s easy to believe that many wealthy people are selfish and flaunts their wealth to the envy of their neighbors, it’s not always the case. Some who have earned riches remain grounded to their roots and where they came from. In fact, one Chinese businessman not only kept his feet firmly planted in the ground, he also looked back to his impoverished childhood days and learned well from it.

Xiong Shuihua is a business tycoon who earned his riches in the steel and construction industry. When people look at him now, no one would believe that he grew up in a poor village. But he did.

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Xiong is from the village of Xiongkeng in the city of Xinyu in Southern China. Xiongkeng is a place where muddy roads and wooden huts are a norm.

When Xiong returned to his village after working his way up into his wealth, he saw the poor state his former village was in and he decided to tear it down.

He brought bulldozers and trucks to flatten the area and remove the huts that used to stand there.

If you thought Xiong would then take the village for him and use it for his business, you guessed wrong.

The successful businessman destroyed what used to be in the village so he could build luxury homes and villas. Not for his clients but for the people in his village.

He also paved the streets and made sure that transportation could pass on it easily. All for free.

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The 54-year old Xiong wanted to do something great for his fellow villagers. The project, which cost him $6 million USD, was spent for building better homes for 72 families in his former town.

When asked why he did it, Xiong only said that he earned more than enough money he could use and “didn’t want to forget his roots.”

He also created luxury villas for 18 families who were extra kind to him and his family when they were growing up.  Xiong also went beyond the housing project and pledged three full meals to the senior residents of the village as well as those with low-income.

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Xiong hoped that with the project he built, he was able to pay back the kindness he and his family has received.

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