Chipotle uses “The Scarecrow” ad and app to raise awareness about processed food


Chipotle, a Mexican-food chain, released an animated short called “The Scarecrow”. Set to Fiona Apple’s cover of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack’s “Pure Imagination”. The film tells a story about a lone scarecrow who works at a smoke-spewing building: Crow Foods Incorporated, managed by robotic crows. The building have tubes that processed products that later labeled as “100% Beef-ish”. It also house chickens administered with green substance that makes it fat like a balloon and cows that shakes inside a metal box.


Dreaming of something better, Scarecrow sets out to the city providing an alternative to the processed from the factory.


Using this video Chipotle Company wants to raise public awareness for two purposes: 1.) to help tackle some of the most pressing food issues we are facing today and 2.) to propose a solution to how this problem will be remedied: “We would like to see sub-therapeutic antibiotics banned by the government,” says Crumpacker.
photos and video credit: Chipotle via / Chipotle Mexican Grill

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