Cops Buy Back Elderly Couple’s Wedding Ring Pawned And More

Police officers’ duties include protecting and ensuring the safety of civilians.

It certainly does not include buying civilians’ groceries and buying back a pawned jewelry.

But some police officers from Cornwall in Ontario went above and beyond their duties when they did exactly what was mentioned earlier.

Some officers were sent to a house to respond to a domestic call about a couple arguing.

When they arrived, they found out that the couple in question was elderly and married for 54 years.

They also discovered that the wife was suffering from dementia. Meanwhile, the husband was having trouble putting food on the table and was forced to pawn his wedding ring to buy groceries.

The couple had no children or relatives near to look after them or support their needs, most especially their finances

When the officers heard the story, they collected money out of their own pockets was able to come up with $150. They used the money to buy the couple some additional groceries for their home.

The policemen did not stop there. They also collected an extra $130 and bought the ring back from the pawnshop.

Andre Rivette 2image source

Cornwall Police Department member Andre Rivette shared the story at a City Council meeting on Monday. The whole council was so touched by the story, they gave a standing ovation in honor of the policemen.

“They broke with applause, they were just very moved by it,” said Rivette.

All the officers who responded to the couple would receive recognition for their exemplary behavior with letters of commendations in their files, reported Rivette.

Meanwhile, police have already informed The Alzheimer’s Society and the Community Care Access Center about the couple’s condition so they could look at them and give them the proper care they need.

Rivette lauded the officers’ deeds and said, “This really shows that our officers have a heart.”

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