Cracking your Knuckles might be Scary, but the Truth is…

          Some of us get scared when we crack our knuckles. The sound of it makes us think that it damages or causes our bones to weaken but it doesn’t if you don’t overdo it. Actually it’s not the bones that are getting damage when you do it most of the time, it is the group of tissues surrounding a damaged joint. Though, doing this won’t lead to arthritis. Cracking your knuckles give benefits and they are listed below.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Cracking your Knuckles
– stimulates tendons
– relaxes muscle
– loosen joints
– stretches ligaments

Cracking your knuckles too much can:
– damaged tissue in affected joints
– too much stretching of ligaments can cause damage to fingers
– reduced grip strength

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How does Cracking produces Sound

The joints are surrounded by a liquid called synovial fluids. Some gas will be absorbed by that fluid. By the time you pull your bones apart to crack your knuckles, the gas that were absorbed by the fluid will escape and turn into bubbles and that process is called Cavitation. The popping of bubbles through that process is what makes the sound of cracking your knuckles.

It’s alright to crack your knuckles as long as you don’t do it too much.

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