These 10 Health Products From The Past Are Crazy And Disgusting, Specially #5! Can’t Believe They Are For Real!

Fat Banished

Getting sick is not cool, especially if you are born from 1900 or so.

Here are 10 health products from the past that thankfully, no one is recommending today.

1. The 1897 Vigor’s Horse-Action Saddle.

It promotes good spirits, quickens the circulation, stimulates the liver, reduces corpulence, creates appetite, cures indigestion and gout.

The 1897 Vigor’s Horse-Action Saddle

2. The 1896 Ambition Pills For Weak And Nervous Men.

A single trial will convince any sufferer that we have a positive cure for impotency, sleeplessness, enlarged veins and nervous disability.

The 1896 Ambition Pills

3. The 1905 Cure For Constipation

Self-retaining rectal dilators. No explanation needed!

Constipation Rectal Dilators

4. The 1901 Cough Medicine

Bayer Pharmaceutical Products – Heroin Hydrochloride. The cheapest specific for the relief of coughs.

1901 Cough Medicine

5. 20th Century Weight Loss Product

Fat Banished! without diet, baths and exercise. How? With sanitized tape worms, jar packed!

20th Century Weight Loss Product

6. The 1900 Headache Cap

A boon for all brain workers. It says, it can help and cure nervous headaches and it can be beneficial for people with impaired eyesight.

The 1900 Headache Cap

7. The 1822 Respirator.

This Bane like costume is called Dr. Blake’s Oro-Nasal Respirator.

The 1822 Respirator

8. The 1925 Fat Reducing Soap.

No diet and exercising needed. Just take a bath, use the soap and be surprised at the results!

The 1925 Fat Reducing Soap

9. The 1903 Dandruff cure.

Coke Dandruff Cure and Hair Tonic. We are not talking about Coca-Cola, it’s cocaine and yes, they are used to cure dandruff from the past.

1903 Dandruff cure

10. Coca Cola Product, Advertised As Health Beneficial Drink.

Coca Cola, back when it had traces of cocaine in it (it was cocaine free by 1929). Cures headache, relieves mental and physical exhaustion.

The Coca Cola Product, Advertised As Health Beneficial Drink


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