Dogs Display Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions (And How Not To Break Them)

Coming up with a New Year’s resolutions list is hard. But keeping them is harder. Whether it’s the busyness that gets us or the difficulty in doing the goals we have set up, it’s always a good thing to find motivation so we can keep at it until the end of the year.

Thanks to man’s best friend, they sure know how to inspire humans to carry on with these resolutions, and often in a funny way at that. So whenever you’d feel like quitting this 2015, just check out these charming dogs to inspire and remind you that if they can, definitely so can you.

1) Lose Weight. This pug that had one too many burgers over the holidays.

dog nyr 01image source

2) Workout More. This bulldog who got so tired while exercising. So tired he fell asleep. On the treadmill.

dog nyr 02image source

3) Eat Healthier. This husky who’s about to eat the last piece of junk food ever.

dog nyr 03  image source

4) Quit Smoking. Chihuahua smokin’ like a boss. Say no to lung cancer, dog.

dog nyr 04image source

5) Drink Less. This corgi pup that had one too many glasses. Say, aren’t you a little young to be drinking that?

dog nyr 05image source

6) Get Out of Debt. Better pay it off, bud.

dog nyr 06  image source

7) Learn Something New. It’s never too late to go out and acquire new knowledge and skill for yourself. Who knows, you just might be great at it. Just as this beagle thought he’s the Beethoven of all dogs.

dog nyr 07image source

8) Travel More. Go out and discover a new place, culture and meet new people. The world is a big playground with so many beautiful things waiting to be found.

dog nyr 08image source

9) Be More Kind. Because kindness never goes out of style.

dog nyr 09 image source

10) Spend Time With Family. Not only does it help in your emotional well-being but spending time with family was also proven to bring happiness, says researchers. Keep that in mind the next time you plan your weekend commitments.

dog nyr 10image source

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