Don’t Let Your Luck Roll Away With This Penta Orange Fruit

“iyokan,” also known as  “Japanese Summer Orange is a five-sided fruits derive from the Ehime area  where the Japanese farmers typically cross-breed mandarins with oranges to yield. Farmers in Japan have created pentagon-shaped fruits. The oranges are simply grown in pentagon shaped boxes to achieve the angular forms.

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No crazy genetic modifications were applied!

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The idea was conceived five years ago and it took a full three years for a successful crop of pentagon oranges to be produced. And with the expected success of these penta fruits the farmers are already planning to sell limited batches at local events. Not that there was anything wrong with round oranges, but the very possibility of fruit taking on an entirely new shape brings to mind all the countless recipes and dishes they might inspire, especially by chefs who focus on artful plating.

orange3image source The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images

The iyokan citrus fruits or ‘Gokaku no Iyokan’  meaning ‘sweet smell of success in exams ‘ were handed out as a good luck charm for students in the upcoming entrance exam season in Yawatahama, Ehime. It seems the oranges were created as a good luck charm for students gearing up to take their exams.

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