Eat Your Way To A Beautiful You With These 5 Super Foods

A healthy lifestyle is not just about working out and attending all the classes your gym membership provides. It’s also about the food we take in to nourish our bodies.

If you want to look good outside, then you have to take care of the inside. That is why it is important to remember that beauty begins internally.

No matter how much lotion or moisturizer you slather on yourself if you don’t drink enough water, it will show in your skin. In the same way that exercising daily yet gorging on fast food meals to “reward yourself” for a killer WOD is basically in vain.

We’ve listed below some of the food that you must add to your diet if you want to look beautiful. Hey, it may not magically erase the acne scars in your face but it could do wonder so you won’t have acne break outs anymore.


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I could not emphasize enough the importance of drinking enough water daily. Your body needs at least eight glasses of water everyday. And that’s not including those days when you sweated like a pig in the gym. Water is vital because it helps in the many processes that goes inside our body – it flushes out toxins, aids in digestion, helps in blood circulation and keeps your skin hydrated.



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Fiber is a good antioxidant because it betters digestion which helps decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. Look for food that has whole grains in it. For bread, avoid the white, sugary types. The darker the bread, the better for your digestion.



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Protein is an important source of energy. It also helps in building muscles. Eat meat that are high in omega-3, which is a good kind of protein. This is normally found in turkey, salmon and tuna.


Green Leafy Vegetables

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Vegetables are a good source of iron, magnesium, vitamins and a lot more. If you are the type who does not enjoy munching on greens, why not drink it? There are a lot of juice recipes available now, which uses green veggies such as kale, spinach and celery in their ingredients.



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This drink is often filled with many “probiotic” microorganisms that aid in your digestion. Drinking one small cup of yogurt a day will ensure that bowel movement is regular to help flush out wastes from your body.

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