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12 Essential Oils You Must Use For Good Health Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This is a complete guide of essential oils based on your Zodiac Sign.

1.) Aries who are born March 21st to April 19 are natural leaders, ambitious, passionate, confident, fiery spirit, competitive, brave energetic and straight forward. They are ruled by the head, brain and eyes, that is why they are prone to headaches and stress related problems.

The best essential oil for Aries is Peppermint oil which rejuvenates while relieving stress induced headaches.
You can get your peppermint oil here:

2.) Taurus who are born April 20th to May 20th have the characteristics of determination, practical, reliable, dignified, homebody, loyal, stable and have an admiring beauty.

They are ruled by The throat, neck and thyroid that is why they are prone to sore throats, stiff necks muscles and re-occuring colds.

Eucalyptus oil is the best oil for Taurian that will help them recover quickly from a sore throat while also relaxing their sore muscle in a soothing massage. You can get your organic Eucalyptus oil here:

3.) Gemini who are born May 21st to June 20th are very versatile, communicative, problem solver, multi dimentional, quick witted, lively and inquisitive.

They are ruled by Shoulders, Arms, Lung and Hands that is why they are prone to respiratory illnesses as well as sore and strained muscles of the Neck, Arms and Shoulders.

Bergamot Oil is the best to use for Geminis because it helps to fight respiratory infection and remain quick witted while reducing tension in aching muscles.

You can get your Organic Bergamot Oil here:

4.) Cancer who are born June 21st to July 22nd are unpredictable, easy going, emotional, nurturing, sensitive, intuitive, patient and affectionate.

They are ruled by The stomach and chest. They are prone to stomach ulcers and other related stomach issues as well as heartburn and water retention problems.

Chamomile oil is the best for Cancerians for better digestion. It also works as vulnerary agent. You can get your Organic Chamomile oil here:

5.) Leo are born July 23rd to August 22nd are natural leaders, powerful, magnetic, dominant, self assured, creative, faithful and entertaining.

They are ruled by Heart and Back. They are prone to back problems, heart diseases and other heart issues.

Rose oil is very effective oil for Leos because it works as vasoconstrictor for the heart and is an anti spasmodic for muscle relief for the spine. You can get your Organic Rose oil here:

6.) Virgo are born August 23rd to September 22nd and they are responsible, practical, intelligent, organized, social, tidy, humble and hard worker.

They are ruled by The Sinus, Bowels and Respiratory System that is why they are prone to feeling stressed, allergies, frequent colds, depression and constipation.

The Virgo essential oil is Frankincense oil which helps the stressed Virgo soothe their mind while fighting colds and helps digestive problems. You can get your Organic Frankincense here:

7.) Libra are born September 23rd to October 22nd and they are compassionate, diplomatic, peaceful, romantic, charismatic, fair, balanced and friendly.

They are ruled by the Kidneys, lower back and the female ovaries. That is why they are prone to Kidney stones and lower back pain.

Geranium oil is best for Libra woman by balancing menstrual hormones. As well as protecting and strengthening their kidneys. You can get your Geranium oil here:

8.) Scorpio are born October 23rd to November 22nd and they are perceptive, intuitive, determined, intense, sensual, mysterious, powerful and loyal.

They are ruled by the Body’s Reproductive organ and excretory system. They are prone to fevers, bodily infections and genital issues.

Jasmine oil is very suitable for Scorpios in fighting infections and healing menopausal issues. You can get your Organic Jasmine Oil here:

9.) Sagittarius are born November 23rd to December 21st and they are communicative, adventurous, entertainer, intelligent, optimistic, traveler, outgoing and independent.

They are ruled by The thighs, liver and hips. They are prone to Sciatica as well as hip and thigh pains. Also can feel significant amount of stress and tension.

Tea Tree oil is best for Sagittarius it helps assists in alleviating leg pains through working as an anti inflammatory. You can get your organic Tea Tree oil here:

10.) Capricorn are born December 22nd to January 19th they are practical, ambitious, successful, logical, determined, faithful, loyal and have a good sense of humor.

They are ruled by The bones, teeth, joints and skin. They are prone to stiff joints, broken bones and skin problems.

Sandalwood oil is the best for Capricorns to help them relax, and strengthen bone cartilage and improve acne prone skin. You can get your Organic Sandalwood oil here:

11.) Aquarius are born January 20th to February 19th and they are individualistic, original, liberal, idealistic, intellectual, friendly, kind and very creative.

They are ruled by The shins, ankles and circulatory system. They are prone to Varicose veins, circulatory issues, shins, splints and leg cramps.

Neroli oil is best for Aquarians, it helps increase circulation and reduce the appearance of varicose veins. You can get your Organic Neroli oil here:

12.) Pisces are born February 19th to March 20th and they are imaginative, spiritual, patient, artistic, dreamers, gentle, intuitive and empathetic.

They are ruled by The Lymph, Liver and feet. They are prone to feet related issues such as bunions, ache and corns.

Cedar wood oil is the best oil for Pisces in which it helps to over come soreness, arthritis of the feet and water retention. It also helps remove athletes foot with its anti fungal properties. You can get your Organic Cedar Wood oil here:

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