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Your 20’s is the most pivotal time of your life. There are too many temptation and distraction in life. We all know we want success but it just confuse us when and how to start. Here are some tips to be confident

Work hard to build your dreams

Always remember to challenge yourself to work hard for your future. Do not do something just because it’s convenient for you. Create something big. Mind it that it’s not how much money you make. It’s the journey you take to achieve something.

This is not the right time to fall in love

Your 20’s is your crucial part of your life. This is the stage where you got to know who you really are. Your circle of friends might be on relationship, but hold on and don’t take it too fast.

Go out, meet new people, share interest and have fun. Plan the future exactly what you want.

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Become mature. Stop pretending to be the person you want.

People tend be someone they think the crowd will accept them. Be the person who you really are.

Choose your friends

Do not make friends just because you need them, instead earn trust from them. If you ever want people to take you seriously, then you have to take them seriously too. Limit yourself to social climbers.

Get focused and locked into what you’re supposed to be

Familiar with the YOLO attitude? (you only live once).  That’s for fool. Those are the people who are one day millionaire. Don’t be wrong. It’s not bad to spend some time for yourself on luxury. But remember what you’re supposed to be. Your time is on your hands

Distinguish between what you want and what you need.

Here is how it goes.

You need a pair of jeans, but you want that branded jeans- Levise to be found out in your closet.

Yes. You were getting close to what it means.

List out all of your priorities.

Family always comes first. Work for your family 

Your family deserve to be taken care when you reach your success.  From far most, they are the one who support you most. Love your Family and you’ll have a nice family too in the future. If you work hard for your love ones, you’ll get more blessings.

Be responsible for yourself.

People around you are there for you to support, to motivate, to make an inspiration. But in end yourself is all you have in this world. No one is going to work for you to give you the life that you want, that’s because they have life too. Don’t look answers to others, but instead create solution to solve it.

You don’t deserve to rest and be comfortable yet.

Come to think first, what have I done already? What have I accomplished?

You don’t deserve a break if you hadn’t done anything yet.

Don’t spend time chilling and partying too much. Invest your time to worth something for and in the end you’ll realize and enjoy the reward of your hard work.

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Pick a job that will teach you a lot

Don’t pick a job just because it’s the easiest one.   Pick something that will make you grow and healthy. Your Job should make you comfortable.

Do not pick a Job just because it will bring you more wealth. Pick a Job that is close to your passion.

Work just not for money. Work with passion and enjoy everything.

Remember money is just a reward for your hard work. The most important thing is what you learn.

Don’t follow what’s on the crowd. Think out of the box

No one will find his /her self while following other’s footstep.

There are so many trends these days but that doesn’t mean you need to follow them. These just give you inspiration but create something to make yourself bloom.

Energize those people around you. Motivate them.

Be an inspiration to others. Be the start of change you wanted to see. You may not be the light. But you can be the spark to change something. Even if its little, you know it count.

Don’t stop learning and growing

You have your Degree now? But that doesn’t mean you will stop learning. Don’t consider this your victory lap, but rather as a taste of greatness. Continue to discover and learn. Its healthy for your mind.

 Don’t think anyone will ever pay you back. Be a helping hand.

It’s better to receive that to give. You always hear that from people. But its true.

Your love life is an investment

The smarter the deals you execute, the savvier of an investor you become.

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Surround yourself with the people that challenge your ideas and motivate you.

Limit yourself with the people with crab mentality. Those are people that get jealous with people having success but did not do anything to achieve it. Surround yourself with people with great values that dream success with you, grow together to survive in life. They are genuine people

Savings is a must.

You don’t want to get out without any money in your pocket.

Savings is a reserve for future plan.

But the truth is, it’s about making enough to live and help others.

Prepare everything for future and family.

The road to success is being responsible. Remember that in the future you’re making your own family- those who will celebrate with you after.

You will never be able to change anyone. Be the knight and shining armor for your lover. 

For both men and women, like-love someone for who they are. Never create someone that you like into somebody. All people have their flaws and it’s up to you how to handle it. But be cautious. Don’t fall in love with a dreamer only. Remember he/ she should have ambition. Of course you’re building life.

Be a good and better person. You’ll get further in life

Always be humble. Stay as who you are at first Whatever you achieve in life. And if anyone goes against you, Karma will get into them.

Be positive.

You dictate your future.


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