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9 Things That Happen When Facebook is Down World Wide For 30 Minutes! No. 4 Is So Hilarious!

On June 19, 2014 the largest social media network is down for almost 30 bloody minutes!

Did you survive the facebook apocalypse?

Here are speculations around the globe by netizens why and what happens when facebook is down for almost 30 minutes.


1. #facebookdown hast tags is trending now on Twitter! 


2. FACEBOOK lost $20,000/sec and that is so huge!


3. Google+ and Twitter is Laughing Out Loud while is down?


4. Do you remember this scene?
Mark Zuckerburg said Facebook will not crash ever!


5. Check out how many people took to their #facebookdown complaints to Twitter


6. Give facebook a break guys?!


7. June 19, 2013 is Black Thursday!


8. Did you survive too?


9. World Wide Reaction From Netizens

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