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Five Good Things That Happen When You Own A Pet

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Yes, these four-legged creatures bring joy as well as added responsibility to anyone who would want to take care of a pet. While it’s not exactly a bed of roses when it comes to pet care, it is undoubted that they do have positive effects and benefits to their owners. Here are some of the things humans should expect when they get a new pet for their home.

1. You become happier.

Especially if the cute bundle you’re looking at has that “aaww cute puupy” look on his face the first time you laid eyes on him or her. In fact, recent studies have shown that those who own pets are less likely to be depressed than their cat-less or dog-less counterparts.

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2. You become more active.

Just like humans, pets also need exercise to keep them healthy. Especially if they are overfed. Since they need the workout, owners would be forced to keep up with any activity that would keep their pets moving and in turn, be active themselves. Activity is not just limited to walking or running, a simple game of fetch and rumble tumble already keeps your heart (and your pet’s) active.

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3. You get a social life.

When you walk your dogs, it’s already an instant conversation-starter. People pet and coo your canine companion and sometimes, they also talk to you, which is a good way to meet people and make new friends. Aside from that, it’s also a way to meet fellow dog lovers where you could share best practices in dog care and grooming.

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4. You get more compassionate

It’s impossible not to be compassionate to your dog (and other animals) or even other people when you have a pet. It activates inside you that maternal or paternal instinct, which makes you more in tune with your emotions.

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5. You learn to forgive easily.

Especially if your dog chewed on your designer heels because he was left alone the whole day. Of course, you cannot stay mad at him for long, just look at that face. But pets in general, teach you to be more forgiving and understanding in life.

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