Goat’s Rectangular Eye Pupils Are Amazing

Eyes are often mentioned to be the gateway into the soul and variation in the animal kingdom often presents fascinating twists and the wonderful world of animal optics is no exception.

Peer into their souls and be fascinated!

You may not have ever noticed this, but goats, along with sheep, octopus and toads have rectangular pupils. You may think that these animals have rectangular eyes but it is only the pupil that is rectangular in shape.

goat1image source

The pupil in a goat’s eye is rectangular in shape instead of being round like those of other animals. They have a vision of 320 to 340 degrees—this is far better than human’s vision which is only 160-210 degrees. It is believed that goats have excellent night vision and will often browse at night.

The actual color of the goat’s eyes is varied with the most common color being yellow or brown. Blue coloration is a bit rarer and often a characteristic many breeders will try to achieve. Goats aren’t particularly scary that you may suggest, but those unusual square eyes beg to differ.

goat2image source


Many animals have rectangular pupils, but typically will also have a darker iris making it far less noticeable. This adaptation apparently allows the goat to see 320° and have no frontal blind-spot.

Good luck sneaking up on a goat.

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