What Would Happen If You Turn 14 Hollywood Actresses Into Disney Princesses?

Disney Princesses have been part of almost any girl’s childhood. Now with many live action adaptations of the cartoon favorites coming out, one artist decided to make his own version of Disney movies featuring real Hollywood actresses as the princesses.

Thomas Kurniawan is a graphic designer from Indonesia and with the use of his skills, came up with these too-real movie posters for Disney. Now if only Disney would take the leap and make real movies featuring this actors.


  1. Katy Perry as Snow White in Snow White and The Seven Dwarves

Katy Perry’s classic beauty makes her the perfect Snow White. Her alabaster skin and round eyes could make any Evil Stepmother green in envy.

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  1. Diana Agron as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty

The ‘Glee’ alum is a good match for Aurora in Sleeping Beauty with her luscious, blonde hair, innocent eyes and red lips.

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  1. Lilly Collins as Belle in Beauty and the Beast

Collins is no amateur when it comes to playing princess roles. She was already casted as ‘Snow White’ in the movie based on the story, “Mirror Mirror” opposite Julia Roberts.

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  1. Tang Wei as Fa Mulan in Mulan

Tang Wei is a famous Chinese actress and she fits perfectly as the feisty and courageous Mulan. She rose to prominence in China for her role as Wong Chia Chi in the movie, “Lust,” an espionage film about the time when Imperial Japan has taken over Shanghai.

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  1. Naya Rivera as Pocahontas in Pocahontas

Naya Rivera’s olive skin makes her a great substitute for the Indian princess, Pocahontas.

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  1. Hayden Panettiere as Rapunzel in Tangled

Hayden’s long, blonde locks make her the best Rapunzel. Add to that her charming personality and infectious smile, you got one actress that sure seemed to be a princess.

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  1. Gal Gadot as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin

Gal is a model and an actress from Israel. She also represented the country as Miss Israel in the Miss Universe pageant in 2004. Her middle eastern roots sure makes her the best candidate for the woman who caught Aladdin’s heart.

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  1. Emma Watson as Ariel in The Little Mermaid

Emma is not exactly a redhead but she sure looks great as one. This Harry Potter alum sang in her projects outside the wizarding series and she sounded great. Just like our favorite mermaid, who mesmerized Prince Eric with her voice.

hollywood disney princess 8image source


  1. Taylor Swift as Ella in Cinderella

Taylor’s blonde hair, pale skin and red lip seemed to be the top three reasons she looks great as Cinderella. Perhaps another one is her ability to not be affected by her evil haters, I mean, stepsisters and just “shake ‘em off” whenever they’re being rude and catty.

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  1. Amanda Seyfriend as Merida in Brave

While Amanda may not seem like the best choice for Merida, transforming her into a red-haired daughter of a Viking works.

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  1. Suri Cruise as Sofia in Sofia The First

Let’s face it, the spawn of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is one good-looking child. Not to mention her father used to be one of the Hollywood matinee idols, which could be translated as a Hollywood king, hence, making little Suri a princess in her own right.

hollywood disney princess 11image source


  1. Melissa Benoist as Anna in Frozen

Melissa joined the cast of “Glee” on its fourth and fifth season. As we all know, Anna’s vocal powers are amazing, what with her continuous asking if they could ‘build a snowman’, Melissa’s musical prowess has been put to the test in the hit musical TV series and she did not disappoint.

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    13.  Scarlett Johansen as Elsa in Frozen

The movie about the Snow Queen is set in Russia and Scarlett’s famous portrayal of an ex-Russian assassin in the Marvel anthology movies seemed the perfect reason to cast her in this role.

hollywood disney princess 13image source


14.  Angelina Jolie as Elsa in Frozen

Because it’s Angelina Jolie. And perhaps, graphic designer Thomasn Kurniawan couldn’t seem to choose between her and Scarlett.

hollywood disney princess 14image source


BONUS: Lion as Simba in The Lion King

             It’s a real lion. Need I say more?











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