Heartbroken Owner Bids Last Goodbye To His Dog During Euthanasia. This Video Will Make You Cry

This video shows the most heartbreaking scene any pet owner could ever imagine. Watch and check it for yourself! Make sure you have a tissue with you.

Othello, a German shepherd, was born and raised in Nova Lima, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. He spent much of his life as a guard in a luxury condo in the capital.

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The German shepherd had a malignant tumor near the heart and was euthanized on Saturday, October 4. The entire process was filmed by the owner, Marcos Pimenta, 29, who worked with Othello for almost four years.

“We started together. I learned much from him. A great friend,” he says.

The video was posted on the internet and had over 400 000 views. “I took a video because I wanted to have a last memory of my friend.” Marcos said.


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