Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Baby Left In The Cold In Russia

If you think cats are self-absorbed, think again.

While many would say that the relatives of Felix don’t know how to be affectionate like their canine counterparts, one cat from Russia proved this theory wrong.

Irina Lavrova 1 image source

Known in her neighborhood only as Masha, the stray cat was discovered in the Russian city of Obninsk cuddled to an abandoned baby inside a cardboard. As it was freezing that time, the cat’s heroic act saved the baby from freezing to his death.

According to local resident Irina Lavrova, the long-haired stray is popular among the neighborhood as it is always seen roaming around. As it has no one to take care of it, other residents take turns in caring for the cat, often leaving a little bit of something to eat for Masha to feed on.

Masha is known to be quiet and friendly. So it was a surprise for Irina when one cold day, she heard the feline making a fuss. Worried that something might have happened to the nice cat, perhaps injuring itself or something else, she went out to check on Masha.

But Irina was in for a shock. She discovered Masha in a cardboard box, wrapped around a baby who seemed to be no older than 12 weeks. She called authorities and a hospital to check on the baby.

Irina Lavrova 2image source

As ambulance responded to the scene, Masha was seen getting anxious and even meowing angrily at the man who first came to check on the abandoned baby. The protective instinct was still in play.

In fact, when the baby was brought to the ambulance, paramedic Vera Ivanina, saw Masha trying to follow the automobile. Irina believes the cat’s “mother instincts” kicked in after it saw the baby all alone in the cold.

The baby is now under care of social services and was reported to be in good condition in spite of the biting cold it was left on. Masha on the other hand, is now enjoying “hero status” and is being spoiled rotten by the locals in the said neighborhood.

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