“I’m Not A Bum”, A 4-min video of A Homeless Man Point of View

There is an estimate of 105,000 homeless people in Chicago and a million throughout the world, But have you dare hearing their story?

Meet Ronald Davis. He lives on the streets of Chicago begging for money like every other homeless people.


He was interviewed by a group of students for a project and He describes his life being homeless.


He tears up as he describes the indignities, “I’m not a bum, I’m a human being,” he says, choking up with tears.


This video change the status qou towards homeless people being bum – useless to the society and it gave a new and deeper perspective about their situation. Watch and find out why:

Video Credit:
DjOnlineTv via

This video was shot in 2012 by a team of students at DePaul University, under the supervision of Media Ethics professor Kim Clark. Clark wanted to combine ethics and media and as part of assignment few years ago, He sent his students out to find honest truth in people they will less communicate with outside the project. The assignment was so successful that Clark came up with an idea of 13-part series called Big Questions

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