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“I’ve Never Really Loved You Anyway” and Some Other Lies You Say to Tell Your Ex that You’re Over Them

Okay, facing the facts is really never easy. You have denied your feelings to yourself and you have to admit that it sucks! The reason you’re doing it is probably you’re hoping that if you lie to yourself enough, you’ll someday wakeup and find that the lie has eventually come true. However, it’s not always as simple. If your feelings were somehow gone unreciprocated by someone, well, you’re not alone. Millions have passed the same road, probably even more broken than you are now. Yes it hurts a whole lot and that is probably why a lot of people have created a system of denial that can help them cope with the pain of being snubbed. There are stages of denial that are fostered to help lighten the mental distress of being rebuffed or ignored. Ergo, there are lies that women tell themselves in order to get over that stage of rejection because going to therapy is a lot more expensive and this is a way easier.

Lie 1. I Never Really Loved You Anyway; Deny that Your Feelings Was Ever in Existence.
This lie would begin on that fateful day that your significant other told you that he’s no longer into you. And because you wanted to look cool and so-not clingy, you salvage your trampled pride by saying “Uh-oh, okay, its fine”; but really your brain is starting to spew out curses you never thought you even knew, along with statements in the likes of “WHAT?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? YOU DON”T LIKE ME ANYMORE??! BUT WHY??!” You then storm out of his flat, teary-eyed and muttering to yourself the proverbial “It’s your loss not mine. I don’t even like you that much!”.
Lie 2. Say You Don’t Want Anything to Do With Him Either
You start psyching yourself up with how great you are and how you don’t even need him. You’ll soon run the world and he’ll be sorry he left you.
Lie 3. Do a Complete Exaggeration of His Worst Traits
You keep telling yourself of how big of an A***hole he was. When you go out with your girlfriends, you keep rehashing on how he was such a douche, and rude and so on, but really, you know it really isn’t the case. Seriously girl, how many bitter pills have you swallowed?
Lie 4. You are considering being friends with him—with a whole lot of benefits.
Okay, a few days have already passed by. You miss him terribly but he’s not willing to get back into anything serious. Your recourse, contemplate the perks of just being “casual” with him, including the sex, because “you are so over it”. Well, you know very well that continuing any physical intimacies with him will just lead you to go on full stalker mode on this guy.
Lie 5. You Pretend that He’s Dead or Better Yet, Got Abducted by Aliens
Your instincts tell you that he’s probably sleeping already with another person. What the hell?? That hurts, BIGTIME! So to alleviate the pain, you mourn your loss by sincerely thinking that he died the most horrific accident you can imagine, or well, plainly just got abducted by beings from far away galaxies.
Lie 6. Maybe we can be friends?
It’s been a month, and clearly you have not yet gotten away from his clutches. You’ve come to accept the fact that he’s neither dead or abducted by monsters, so what to do next? Well, this time you are thinking that maybe, just maybe, you can be friends. Oh yeah?

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