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Jobs that All Bookworms Will Love

If you’re passionate about books, you’ll probably want to incorporate reading into your host of daily grind. Cheers to all bookworms out there, here are some cool career paths that bookworms will find really fulfilling:

1. Be a blogger.

Blogging is one of the best career paths for bookworms. Bloggers who tend to specialize in a certain topic will soon find that it involves a lot of research and yes, reading, in order to enrich their knowledge on their chosen niches. Getting your personal blogs to get monetized or gain followers can be a tricky thing to do at first, that’s why many bloggers still retain their day jobs. Another option is to start blogging for bigger blogs that are already established.

2. Be a novelist.

One of the perks of being an author is reading other books to inspire your own self. Note however that it’s pretty hard to find success in this field not unless you are fully dedicated to your work. Some authors start writing on the side until such time that they can sell enough books to do it on a full-time basis. If agents are not yet responding to your calls, you may want to consider publishing on your own, but then again, it might require a lot more resources from your end.

3. Be a librarian

If you’ll think of careers bookworms will like, being a librarian or an archivist will easily come into mind. Although you may not necessarily be reading much while on the job, it is certainly an outlet for you to share your passion for reading with a lot of people.

4. Be a publisher.

If you work at publishing, you get to take part and read books that could potentially be award-winning titles in the future. Publishers get to do a lot of reading including evaluating manuscripts, editing as well as figuring the lay-out designs of a book cover and marketing the said book into the world.

5. Independent Bookstore Owner

If you’re into entrepreneurship and still would like to incorporate your love of books, then opening up a small bookstore may be a good way to go.

6. Be an editor.

The work of an editor is to go over other people’s writings to help improve and edit it. It involves a lot of reading, so bookworms will definitely thrive in this scenario.

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