Know What Ignites This Man’s Passion Towards Photography. This Is Story Of Love And Life.


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After his son suffered a near death experience, Adrian Murray was inspired to capture his children’s beautiful childhood moments through his lens. His story and talent was soon featured on different websites and continuously gaining national attention.

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When his son Emerson was just 10-month-old, Adrian and his wife, Michelle, woke up one morning to find him unresponsive in his crib. Emerson was rushed to the hospital and after several test, they discover that he is suffering from rare seizure disorder. This event has reminded Adrian that ‘life is short’ and he felt compelled to record his family through photography.

adrian murray 3

After years of medication, Emerson has fully recovered and now has become an older brother to 7-month-old, Greyson.

adrian murray 2

On the other hand, Adrian continues to capture his precious moments with his family through lens.

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Check more photos at Adrian Murray Photography facebook page


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