Know How One Day At Work Changed This Waitress’s Life! I’m So Touched By The Story

KNOXVILLE, Tenn, Khadijah Muhammad left her house for Wednesday shift. She noticed a paper hanging on the doorknob. It is a notice from KUB to notify her of a past due bill that would shut off the electricity if unpaid by the next day.

“It said, ‘This is your second and final notice of past due bill to prevent service disconnection.’ I was thinking I’m really going to need a miracle to pay my bills this month.”



Her shift began relatively slow, which only means fewer opportunities for tips. She served a few tables, including one table consisting of a husband, wife, and their small child.

“They really did not stand out. They were just nice folks. I remember talking to them and having a friendly conversation like you would with a neighbor. The father ordered a country steak. The mother and son split a fish taco. They split it. They were really humble people,” said Muhammad.

After the family finish eating, Muhammad came to collect the check, the table’s total bill with tax was $29.30. The family left their receipt turned upside down, she figured they’d given her a bad tip.

“Normally as a server, when a receipt is turned upside down it means you did not get a good tip or any tip. Then I picked it up and I just was in shock.”

She saw that the tip was for $1,075


“I just remember seeing a comma after the one and knew it wasn’t $10. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ And I just lost my balance and I was like, ‘Does this say a thousand dollars?’ I could not believe it.”

It included a note that said, “Jesus Blessed us and we were led to give it to you. God Bless!”

Muhammad said she has no clue who the generous tippers were or where they were from. But she is certain that she wants to tell them her gratitude.

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