This Looks Like A Normal Restaurant, But Once Inside, You Will Be Amaze

TORONTO —  A unique dining experience opened its door to the public two months ago and have drawn a lot of attention not only for its cuisine but also of its staff .

The restaurant, owned Anjan Manikumar, called “Signs” is the first restaurant that features an all-deaf wait staff. Diners at the restaurant are encourage to use sign language through the use of “cheat sheets” that are incorporated in the menu.

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“We expect our customers to order using sign language – our menus are designed in such a way that our customers can do that,” Manikumar says. “This will allow our customers to experience the fun of learning something new.”

Manikumar said he got his inspiration for the restaurant while working as a server in a Markham restaurant. He was serving a deaf customer who ordered by having to point at the menu. “I felt he wasn’t getting the service he deserved. He wasn’t getting the personal touch,” he says.

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According to Manikumar, aside from giving casual atmosphere for hearing customers, Signs aims to become a meeting point for the deaf community by providing job opportunities for the deaf in an industry they have been shunned from.

Manikumar also hopes that other sectors will be inspired and encouraged to hire from the deaf community as well. As of right now, Signs has very many reservations from diners in Toronto, eager to try sign language.

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