Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Epic GPS-Recorded Trek across Japan

In 2008, Yasushi Takahashi a.k.a Yassan quit his job and travelled through his home country tracking his path via GPS.  You might think it is a reckless choice for a man in his early 30s but wait until you know the reason behind it.


According to Yassan, He wanted to experience a side of Japan that he only knew in books and also use GPS tracking technology to draw a special message for his girlfriend. Yassan spent six (6) months trekking through Japan. He managed to cover over 7,000 kilometers by foot, ferry, car, bicycle. He started from Hokkaido island and ended at Hyodo Cliff in the Kyushu island. By the end of his journey, the GPS record of his travels spelled out the phrase “Marry Me” completer with an arrow-struck heart.

To complete his proposal, Yassan also included a seven-minute video compilation of his unforgettable travel. He highlighted various events showing different footages of fresh seafood, trekking on bad roads, climbing Mt. Fuji and visiting hot springs.

Yassan’s handiwork (or rather, legwork) is officially the world’s largest marriage proposal, and also holds the Guinness Record for the world’s biggest GPS drawing at 7,164 kilometers. On the top of that he won the heart of his one and only love!

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