Man Surprises Girlfriend He Hasn’t Seen in 100 Days With An Airport Proposal

For 100 days, she longed for her fiancé to return. Emma had not seen Jon ever since he left for basic training. Jon has just joined the Air Force and the training forced them to be separated for more than three months.

The couple knew they wanted to get married after he finishes his training. During this time, they got engaged over the phone and counted the days until they would see each other again.

So when it was finally time for Jon to come back, Emma couldn’t resist the opportunity to surprise her fiancé. She had no idea she would be getting the biggest surprise of her life.

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Accompanied by her sister Kelsey, Emma went to the airport early so she could be there waiting when Jon arrives. With the help of a family friend working at Delta airlines, she was given access to go inside the arrival gate to wait for Jon.

Knowing what she had planned to do, thanks to a tip from her sister, Jon came up with a plan to turn her surprise back at her. After asking for help and favor from his fellow passengers and Delta flight crew to give Emma a rose as they exit, Jon was finally able to give a version of his own surprise.

When at last it was Jon’s turn to come out of the gate, Emma rushed to meet him, and at this point, Jon went down on one knee to properly ask for Emma’s hand in marriage, which he was unable to do the first time he popped the question.

It was a happy moment for the couple as Emma gave her “yes” and the two were finally reunited once again.

Watch the video below and feel the love:


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