“Not Available on The App Store” Sticker Reminds Us Life Exists Outside Our Smartphones

From a simple gadget that could call and send a message, smartphones have become the ultimate technology. One could play games, listen to music, take a photo, record a video and even read a book using a smartphone.

But perhaps one of the most hazardous effects of the smartphones is that a lot of people have forgotten there is life outside their mobile device.

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And this is why a group of three digital media students from Sweden have come up with a brilliant idea to remind people that there is more to life waiting to be experienced outside our handheld devices. Hyper Island students Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa and Linn Livijin Wexell began a project that would encourage kids to step outside and explore the world around them.

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The trio designed the “Not Available on the App Store” sticker based from Apple’s ‘Available on the App Store’ badge and began plastering them on playgrounds, non-digital toys and parks for people, especially children to see.

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A mixture of guerilla street art and a parody of technology, the stickers are a friendly reminder for everyone to remove their eyes from the screen and step out into the real world once in a while. Because it’s real life, and “there is no app for that.”

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