You Would Not Believe This 10 Fruits Actually Exist and Taste Good

We are all familiar with the oranges and apples that come our way when we stroll down the fresh produce section of the supermarket. But what we have below are not what you would usually find in your neighborhood greengrocer. In fact, they all look like they came straight from a science fiction or horror movie. But they’re not.

Below we have listed 10 actual fruits that not only exist in real life but taste awesome too.

1. Rambutan

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Do not be fooled by the hairy-looking outer surface of this fruit. Once peeled, the Rambutan reveals a soft and sticky flesh, which surrounds a wooden seed in the middle. This fruit, common in Southeast Asia, gives of a very sweet taste.

2. Dragon Fruit

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This fruit is also known as the ‘Pitaya’ in the Malay language. It got its English name from the dragon scales-like exterior it possesses. Often compared to the kiwi fruit because of its white flesh with black seeds, the dragon fruit is a sweet fruit which packs only a few calories. Those who are health conscious could do well with eating a dragon fruit as it is also rich in healthy lipids for the body.

3. Durian

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This fruit local in the Southeast Asia is known for its thorn-covered husk that protects a yellow flesh. Often described as “smells like hell but tastes like heaven,” the Durian is popular for its unpleasant smell that conceals a very sweet taste.

4. Noni Fruit

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This fruit may look like it came from the outer space but really, it’s just found in the Southeast Asia and Australasian region. The Noni Fruit is known to have antioxidant properties and is often used in many juice recipes.

5. Breadfruit

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This green colored fruit is best eaten baked or roasted. When it goes through the fire, it gives of a starchy scent that is reminiscent of bread fresh from the oven, which gave it its name.

6. Cupuacu

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Related to the cacao family, this fruit is commonly used for sweets and desserts. Its light yellow flesh tastes like a pear with a touch of banana. Aside from its use as a food, some also mash the flesh and use it as a hydrating ingredient similar to cocoa butter.

7. Akebia Quinata Fruit

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This may look like it came straight out of The Little Shop of Horrors but this fruit common in China, Japan and Korea is very versatile. Its flesh is sweet and often enjoyed by many while its rind, which is a bit bitter is used as a vegetable and mixed with meat. Not only that, the vines from its plant is common utilized in weaving baskets while the stem is famous for its diuretic and analgesic properties.

8. Mammee Apple

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This fruit is also called as the Santo Domingo apricot. While the rind may possess a bitter taste, its flesh is sweet and aromatic. Best eaten raw, the flesh is often made into preserves and jam for further enjoyment. Not only that, its seed is quite useful too. The seeds are harvested and made into an antiworming medium for other plants.

9. Horned Melon

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The Horned Melon also goes by the name African Horned Cucumber or Blowfish Fruit in the United States. Its name was derived from its exterior, which has horns shaped like spikes. This fruit is a best source of water in the Kalahari especially during the hot and dry days.

10. Buddha Hand

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This fruit is probably the most ancient citrus fruit there is, just look at how deformed it is. Seriously speaking though, the Buddha Hand possesses a sweet and aromatic fragrance, which is often used as perfume in rooms and clothes by the Chinese and Japanese. The story goes that the fruit got its name from the ancient people’s act of offering this fruit to Buddha. Worshippers prefer to sacrifice those that resemble a closed hand rather than an open one because Buddha is said to favor those that looked like its praying.

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