Nothing to See Here, Just a Hamster Steering a 15-Tonne Truck on a Narrow Quarry Road

Swedish automaker, Volvo, transformed the steering wheel of one of their big trucks into a hamster wheel and let a tiny rodent steer the vehicle up a narrow quarry road. This commercial video shows how easy it is to drive Volvo’s new trucks.

*image source: volvo

Their new Dynamic Steering uses an electric motor which substitutes the driver’s muscle power, making even large trucks like the Volvo FMX easy to steer that even a tiny hamster can do it.

This clip shows Charlie, a trained hamster, steering a truck along the narrow quarry road at Los Tres Cunados, while stunt driver, Seon Rogers is holding a carrot to guide Charlie in the right direction. There were a few moments when the truck hit a big rock boulder sending it crashing down into the water below, but in the end Charlie was able to steer the large vehicle across the finish line.

How does it feel to see a 175-gram hamster steering a 15-tonne truck up a narrow quarry road? Pretty impressive right?


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