O Holy Night, These Dogs Are Brightly Shining! Ten Dogs Who Lighted Up Our Christmas.

          Perhaps one of the best presents one could receive this Christmas is the gift of loyalty and undying affection. And what else best describe these traits but our favorite four-legged friends. Dogs, aside from being man’s best friend, is probably one of the most adorable animals ever created. With their fluffy hair, puppy-dog eyes and playful characters, one cannot help but fall in love with these cute creatures.

          But what could be more adorable than a dog looking at you with those innocent eyes? A dog looking at you decked in Christmas lights! Check out these ten charming photos of man’s best friend outfitted with lights to bring you back to the most wonderful time of the year.

The puppy which does not have a care in the world that he is covered in bright lights.

dogshines1image source

These two who don’t seem amused with the whole idea.

dogshines2image source

“Is that, is that a star I see on my head?” 

dogshines3image source

This Bulldog who has a phobia of electrocution.

dogshines4image source

This puppy who seemed to be pondering, “Do I look cute in these?” 

dogshines5image source

“Baby, I’m a firework!:

dogshines6image source

This Pitbull who’s liking her lighted hair accessory. 

dogshines7image source

“I own this, baby!”

dogshines8image source

“Trust me. This was not my idea, man.”

dogshines9image source

And this pup, yawning, “Can I go back to sleep please?” 

dogshines10image source

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