Why People Who Pursue Their Dreams are the Happiest

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Following one’s dream is not the easiest but knowing day by day that you are getting closer and closer to your goal is worth all the trouble along the way. Others choose to lead the convenient path but those who pursue their true calling no matter what are really the ones who live the most fulfilling lives. Here’s why.

  1. You learn how to depend on yourself. You begin to see your family and friends only as your support system and not rely on them to carry you all the time.
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  2. You value your time thus, you become productive. You begin to do activities that will lead you closer to your dreams.
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  3. Because your dreams include not only your career but also your relationships and other aspects of your life, you achieve work-life balance.
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  4. You eagerly wake up everyday because you are excited to live and achieve your purpose.
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  5. When you achieve one dream, you have sustained your drive because another dream is lined up.
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